Every year as the spring descends on the hills of Uttarakhand preparations for the oncoming “Yatra” season commence. For the hoteliers, local shop keepers, travel agents, mule owners, the yatra season is the most awaited event of the year. All the shrines (Char Dhams comprising of Badri-Nath, Kedar Nath, Gangotri & Yamnotri & Hemkund Sahib) start opening and by 15th May the season is On.

This year (2013) also the most awaited time came and all seemed to be well when around 15th June, the weather changed. The rains came down as if with vengeance and in four days of incessant rains breaking century old records the Uttrakhand was in a state of deluge. Large scale unprecedented damage of man and material has taken place, particularly in Rudraprayag District (around famous Kedar Nath Shrine). Thousands of people (pilgrims and locals) have lost their lives, hundreds are missing, immense damage has taken place to the houses, their animals and livelihood.

The whole world was watching nature’s fury, falling buildings, bridges, stranded pilgrims on their TV screens helplessly. Large number of grassroots NGOs, CSOs, INGOs came forward to extend their helping hands. Relief Material Trucks were all heading towards Uttarakhand from all over without knowing where & whom to deliver, team of doctors and health professionals from different part of the country came forward to offer their health support without any backend support.
Irony was that the relief material coming from all over the country was not getting right directions at right time, so the material was dumped here and there, even on road sides or distributed repeatedly at same location/villages and not reaching the real victims, may be due to lack of communication or poor connectivity and coordination among various agencies working there.

At the time of emergency relief work in June/July, 2013, Communication and Coordination among various agencies, NGOs, INGOs, Govt. was major challenge for channelizing the relief supply coming from all over. Search for missing pilgrims, their family members was creating another disaster for search agencies and putting unwanted pressure on R & R agencies.

Business/Corporate, PSUs working or wanted to extend their helping hand under their Strategic CSR framework were clueless to identify the interventions which need urgent attention. Many of them wanted to provide funds to local organisations but were not able to identify them.


After working extensively in the affected region of Uttarakhand in last couple of months, we at SFID (Society For Inclusive Development) could realised that there is an urgent need to setup high tech Coordination Mechanism in the region and use ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to bridge the digital divide of getting right information at right time for various stakeholders.

Being Technology Savvy Organisation, SFID always wanted to bridge this gap of Coordination and Communication by offering our expert advise and services to develop and design dedicated & comprehensive web portal to support various stakeholders involved in Relief and Rehab (R &R) activities in Rudraprayag District, which will save lot of time, energy, resources and improve Relief and Rehabilitation work under taken voluntarily by various groups.

The basic purpose to setup such information gateway is to help Govt. agencies, Pvt. Sector, NGOs, INGOs and other stakeholders in order to coordinate ongoing “R & R” work for better and effective implementation of the project and to avoid duplication of work taking place at various levels. Success case studies and model can be shared and replicated in other affected locations as well through community based portal.
We feel major rehabilitation projects are yet to take shape and need effective coordination and communication among various stakeholders i.e GOs, INGOs, NGOs/CSOs, Corporate (CSR projects), Institutes, media, Religion organisations for tangible outcomes.

Pleased to share that as suggested and proposed to District Magistrate (DM), Rudraprayag in first stakeholders meeting on 4th Sept.,2013 to host dedicated Webportal and create virtual platform to support all organisations involved in “R & R” (Relief & Rehabilitation) work, DM Rudraprayag has authorised “SFID” to collect and disseminate all information on their behalf with organisations involved for “R & R” work.

This will help all of us to work closely, interact & share our field experience & knowledge and move ahead through this online/virtual platform. This will also offer virtual space to all organisations, to post their reports, case studies, Pictures/Videos about ongoing and future “R& R” project/assignments. SFID , on behalf of Distt. Administration, Rudraprayag, would request all relief organisations to please help us by sending the details of the great work undertaken by your organisation at  and